Build the 6-Figure Consulting Business of Your Dreams… Without Getting Stuck or Feeling Overwhelmed

Simple step-by-step ebook contains everything you need to master the processes and mindset you need to create a sustainable, rewarding, enjoyable (and above all - profitable!) freelancing, coaching, or consulting business. 

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Skills Aren’t What’s Holding You Back from Building a Six-Figure Business...

You already have them in spades.

As a mid-level professional, you’re already at the top of your game. You’ve worked on big projects and had massive wins…

Your boss loves your work. And so do your corporate clients. 

Yet, something big is missing from your work life. 

You feel that: 

  • There are more fulfilling and enjoyable ways to spend some of your best years than 40+ hour weeks in an office
  • You could double or triple your productivity without constant Slack messages or Zoom meetings
  • You’re tired of evenings and on your days off and evenings - vacation? Forget it! 

Instead of doing the work you love to do, you spend most of your time in meetings.

Where little to nothing ever seems to get accomplished. 

And when it does…

Your most creative ideas get nixed, because your company always wants to play safe. 

Living this way is sapping the life out of you. 

So you try to dull your pain in some unhealthy ways. 

Maybe your antidote to a work life you hate is your nightly half-bottle of red. 

Or a bag of Cheetos. Endlessly scrolling Facebook. Or shopping online for stuff you don’t really need or even want.

All you know is that you need to shut your brain off from the misery.

Emotionally, you’re hollow. Your eyes are dead. Your shoulders are in a permanent slump. 

You wonder if there’s any way out of this hell. 

Kate is an awesome coach for all those with creative, wandering minds! She helps you find your focus, get sh*t done, and make good money! Her fun & friendly disposition makes freelancing a breeze"

Laura G.

Hells bells, lady... read your book. 4 years it's taken me to be this clear. 4 DAMN YEARS of unconfident movement. Never once have I felt this confident (in my packages). "

Ashleigh B.

If you are willing to invest in yourself and work hard you can have your dream job/life. KATE WILL GET YOU THERE! Stop waiting for another year to go by- make the change NOW!"

Jess C.

This Was Me in 2014

My name is Kate Bagoy, and this was my story not so long ago. 

Soon after accepting a “dream job” with a Silicon Valley startup I realized that it was more of a nightmare.

I wasn’t doing the work I love - design.

Instead, all my time was spent in meetings.

And then there was the office politics. Tiptoeing around the boss’ favorites. The ass-kissing. The stolen ideas where I got zero credit.

The INSANE hours.

Even worse? My office was a trailer sandwiched in between other trailers.

Looking out the window was like looking out into a corporate armageddon. 

No wonder that my drive, my spirit, and my ambition withered away a little more everyday.

The money? It was good - very good. 

But it just wasn’t enough on its own.

I KNEW there had to mre to life than this.

So I quit my job without a real plan - and grabbed whatever low-paying gig I could. 

It didn’t take long to start falling behind financially. Even worse...

I become just another commodity, up for grabs by the highest bidder. Which was ridiculous with my skill set! 

I mean I had that skills to land a six-figure job at a Silicon Valley startup, so why wasn’t I thriving on my own? 

Actually, there was a massive reason why. 

Here’s What Really Holds Most Aspiring Entrepreneurs (Especially Women & Creatives!) Back 

This is exactly what held me back. 

And I’ll bet that it’s what’s holding you back too. 

I had the mindset of an employee. NOT a business owner. 

And if you have that mindset when you start your freelance business...

You’re almost doomed to fail. 

You’ll feel like an impostor who doesn’t measure up, despite your amazing skills.

It makes you hesitate to go after your dream clients…

Because in the back of your mind, there’s that nagging voice, “What if I fail?” 

What hangs over you is the awful realization if this doesn’t work,  you’ll have to find another soul-crushing, mind-numbing J-O-B. 

So how do you make the mindset shift from employee to business owner when you:

  • Don’t have any actual business experience
  • Have always worked as an employee
  • Are afraid of failing...but just as afraid that you might actually succeed?

For me, it took a long plane ride to Singapore for the switch to flip.

Suddenly, I Knew This Wasn’t What I Was Meant to Do Forever

After I washed out during my first go at building a freelance business, I took a job at another start up.

This time, the job was more aligned with my values, and I actually enjoyed it. 

But after about 18 months, the familiar burnout and fatigue set back in. I needed a break. 

So I packed my bags for a vacation to Bali and Cambodia, desperately hoping I’d get my mojo back. 

Although there were many things about my job that I loved, in my heart I knew this wasn’t what I was meant to do with my life. 

So I started to think about going on my own again. But I knew I had to approach things a lot differently. 

My choice of reading material for that trip was the catalyst I needed to figure out what I wanted and needed to do with my life.

And that was “The Four-Hour Workweek” by Tim Ferris.

As I read the book, it dawned on me that my freelance goals were wishy-washy. 

Sure I wanted my own business and to make good money. 

But don’t all freelancers want that, too? 

Something just clicked as I read that book. 

I realized that:  

  • There was no reason I needed to be in an office, or look out at the four walls of a cubicle
  • I didn’t need to work 40-hours a week for the rest of my life
  • There was no reason wait to really LIVE, praying that someday I’d have enough in a mediocre retirement plan 

My real problem?

I didn’t really know WHY I wanted my own business...or WHAT I wanted it to look like...or WHO I wanted to serve.

And until I got clear on those things, no amount of conventional wisdom on how to start a business was going to help.

That’s why I hadn’t succeeded before. 

The Only Rules and Limits That Exist are Those You Set for Yourself

The book was the catalyst in my decision to start over again...and this time I didn’t give myself the option of failure. 

It was time to make some decisions.

I decided I was:

  • Starting a business, not just grabbing onto work thrown my way
  • Worth investing in, so was going to find the training and resources I needed to build my business
  • Going to focus on who I wanted to serve, instead of chasing clients who were looking for a one-off project at the lowest price
  • Willing to do whatever it took to be successful 

This change in mindset was pivotal for me... and where things really started to click into place.

The right choices matter. And nearly everything in life is a choice. 

So often, I talk to people who claim to want to start a freelance business but fail repeatedly. 

It’s not because they don’t want it. 

It’s not because they can’t do it. 

Now, I’ve built a business where I get to work with my type of people: entrepreneurial, creative, and non-traditional. 

I’ve found my tribe, one where “that’s just how it’s always been done” is never the answer.

Are You Searching for a Big Ol’ Life Change, Too?

I’ve got a secret for you. 

After helping out tons of other people to build six-figure freelancing, coaching, and consulting businesses, I’ve realized one thing. 

A traditional step-by-step business plan isn’t what you need to succeed. 

Making the mindset shift you need to succeed as a business owner is probably the hardest thing you’ll face in building your six-figure freelancing, coaching, or consulting business. 

And it’s not your fault. 

Most of us are taught growing up that we should get a good education, then look for a job that comes with a decent paycheck. Entrepreneurship is rarely taught in school, so we have employee mindsets…

That’s why so many of us feel out of our league when we step out on our own. 

So it’s no wonder that so many of us struggle to build businesses!

And it’s not because there is a lack of info out there on the nuts and bolts of creating and executing a business plan. There is tons of free information out there on the internet and YouTube. 

Business is a mindset game, and many people new to freelancing or coaching (especially women) don’t get that at first. 

I didn’t either. 

But once I figured out the rules (with the help of an MBA) then I became unstoppable. 

And I can help you make the mindset shift you need to thrive as a freelancer, coach, or consultant too. 

Just these successful business owners:  

Are you ready for the same mindset transformation for your own freelancing, coaching or consulting business? 

I put together an easy to follow success blueprint for anyone who’s tired of the workplace grind, and ready to start living their ideal life…

Filled with ‘a-ha!’ moments, visualization exercises, and hard-won wisdom straight from the trenches. 

Get ready for...

Secrets of a Six-Figure Freelancer: How to Stop Thinking Like an Employee & Build a Six-Figure Business Like a Boss

Most of the time, there are two reasons why small business owners struggle:

Mindset & Marketing.

This book teaches you how to become an expert in both so you can build your business like a boss. 

You'll discover:

Part self-help and part business strategy, Secrets of a Six Figure Freelancer offers simple, actionable advice to get out of your own way…

And escape the feast or famine cycle of freelancing - so you can do what you love and profit from anywhere in the world. 

Here’s a sneak peek inside Secrets of a Six-Figure Freelancer:

If you’re finding yourself dreaming about quitting your job, feel anxious or bitter and dread getting out of bed to go to work...then it’s time to take action. 

Isn’t it time to build the lifestyle and business you want and deserve? 

The exercises and action steps in the book help you blast through your mindset blocks to create a business that puts you in control…

So you work with who you want, when you want, from wherever you want to be in the world. 

Here’s a glimpse of the game-changing success principles you’ll find inside: 

My 6-Figure Framework

helps you take action quickly and refine your work later...rather than delay or avoid it altogether! 

How to identify any self-limiting beliefs

holding you back from receiving the income that you desire and deserve. 

Figure out what's important to you

- build a business and market yourself how you actually want to do... not how you think you should.

Market to qualified leads online

…run a thriving business from anywhere in the world with an internet connection!

Build a simple  business plan

that focuses on what you need to know for your first year as a six-figure freelancer

Begin branding your  business

create a visual brand that makes you memorable & trustworthy to clients

Earn with your mind, not your time

discover how to package your services for BETTER clients who book larger projects

Create a website to sell your services -

You don't need a portfolio...I’ll show you how to build a site that attracts ideal clients 

The art of simple self-promotion

“pitching” your services is easy when you’re crystal clear on the value you provide. 

Prepping for the sale (and success)!

how to create high energy and complete confidence you need for a “wow!” sales call

Creating bids & proposals that sell 

bidding on a project is almost effortless when you follow my easy 10-step bidding blueprint

Systems to optimize your time 

Create systems for invoicing, managing your clients & projecting your revenue & more

The Power of Focus

how to pick ONE marketing idea that will get you the MOST traction for the LEAST amount of effort... and at the same time, give you the MOST enjoyment

Ruthless prioritization & daily habits

No time management tip, tool or technique can help you if you’re wasting your time on the wrong things. Here’s how to eliminate the distractions that hold you back. 

It’s my personal mission to help you succeed in business and in life...if you’re ready to take the first step. 

What Would Creating Your Dream Business Be Worth to You?

I know when I was stuck in a cubicle feeling miserable, I would have paid almost anything to get out. 

In fact, I actually invested time and $80K in an MBA as part of my escape plan. 

While I never think that education is wasted, I later realized that it was overkill for what I really needed:

A simple step-by-step blueprint that addressed the mindset issues and lack of marketing knowledge that held me back in building a business. 

If I had access to a blueprint like that, I would have saved two years of my life and money that I could have invested in building the business of my dreams. 

I want to save you time and money so you can start building the future you want immediately. 

And if this is your first time here, I’m offering you the chance to pick up Secrets of a Six-Figure Freelancer today at nearly 80% off

Normally, it sells for $26.

But because I want to help more people take control over their own destiny,I’ve decided to make it even more affordable & give you an incentive to take fast action.

And if you’re ready to build your dream business, all you need to do is click that button below. 

Secrets of a Six-Figure Freelancer will be instantly delivered to your inbox in three formats, Kindle, PDF and ePub. (This way, you can read it in the format that suits you best.)

And I want to make this offer irresistible, which is why I’m also adding this valuable bonus to sweeten the pot... 

Bonus: The 6-Figure Framework Jumpstart

Business doesn't need to feel overwhelming or comlicated.

In this 5-part training you'll learn just how simple it can be to get started working with clients you love - even if you hate marketing and selling.

You'll also get worksheets, cheatsheets & a mini-course that'll help you quickly implement the time-tested strategies I teach in your own small business. 


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100% Satisfaction Guarantee or Your Money Back

Your purchase today is absolutely risk-free. 

In the unlikely event that you’re not 100% satisfied and thrilled with what you’ll learn in Secrets of a Six-Figure Freelancer, then simply let me know within 30-days of purchase. 

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P.S. You DON'T need to do everything perfectly! Consider this:

  1. The first time I quit my job without a plan, I struggled. Then I applied the principles in this book and landed a $20,000 design project that took 2-weeks to complete.

  2. I didn't have an email list, a ton of social media followers or an amazing portfolio - I simply got hyper-clear on the types of clients and projects I wanted and created a very simple process for connecting with them

  3. For less than the cost of a double venti latte, you can get the book I wrote teaching exactly how I did it, including exercises for setting your rates, building your brand & finding clients - and skip all the struggle I went through

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  5. If you buy the book and decide you hate it, you can keep the book and the bonuses and I'll still refund your complete payment.

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About the Author

Kate Bagoy is a personal growth junky, lifestyle entrepreneur & Forbes Council's business coach who often works from the beach; but was once just another corporate burnout dying to escape a perfect-on-paper job.

Kate desired the freedom of a freelance business but was terrified of giving up her fat paycheck & didn't have a clue where to start.

In 2015, after a half-dozen attempts, an MBA & a lot of $$$'s wasted, she finally managed to build a 6-figure consulting business, quit her last day job, and began traveling full-time as a digital nomad.

A UX Designer by trade, Kate has worked with more than 50 early-stage startups, is a graduate of the Portland Seed Fund, served as a mentor at the ATDC startup accelerator, and has led projects for Fortune 500 companies Nike, Ricoh, HP, and Microsoft. 

Now she teaches brand, business & marketing methodology -- and life-changing mindset hacks -- to other freedom seekers in her online program, Six Figure Freelancers.

Kate's personal mission is to inspire and empower people to lead lives by design, not default.

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